Medications and the Pharmaceutical Industry

Sep 20, 2015


Medications and the Pharmaceutical Industry

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Living with Diabetes!

I know many of you know the names of all the medications that are on the market for helping to manage your diabetes.  Metformen. Novolog, Actos, Glucophage and the list goes on and on.  Sometimes it feels like a conspiracy of the Pharmaceutical industry to just keep us paying for medications.  After all it is a multi-billion dollar industry and well worth keeping us sick and dependent on medications. You would think that, at this point someone, with a conscience, would have discovered a cure and published it on the internet.  After all how much would any of us pay to be cured of this disease or at least find a much easier way to manage our glucose levels.  The future is scary for us with this progressively debilitating disease.  Between the diet, the exercise and the mediations.  The spikes high and low in our glucose levels causing us to feel sick, nauseous, lightheaded and without energy, it is a difficult life to live and often these bodily reactions keeps on the sidelines instead of enjoying our lives to its fullest for whatever time we have on this earth.  This is why I continue to look for a better way and ultimately a cure.


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